Sumit & Randeep

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Jan 5, 2024


Drawing Process of Henna

Jan 2nd:

Mendhi & Sangeet

Colorful night filled with songs, dancing & memories! Starting at 5:00 p.m. you will be able to get your henna done by one of the three artists booked. Food will be served and be ready to celebrate the beginning of the wedding week!


Jan 3rd:

The literal meaning of jaggo is “wake up” This event is traditionally meant to alert our neighbors that a wedding is coming up! During this event you will see traditional dancing with pots that are lit up. Nanke (maternal relatives) vs. Dadke (paternal relatives) lets see who is more lively!

Haldi - Indian tradition

Jan 4th:


Enhancing the glow! This ceremony is where you apply turmeric and mustard oil to the Bride/Groom to enhance their glow before the wedding day!

Jan 5th:

Anand Karaj (Wedding)

The Anand Karaj takes place at Dashmesh Darbar Gurdwara in Sacramento. During this ceremony we cover our heads in respect to our Guru Granth Sahibji. For this ceremony please bring a drape, scarf or something to cover your head. Rumals are always available at the Gurdwara for everyone to use if need be! There will be no meat or alcohol at the ceremony so please refrain from bringing any on the premise out of respect. Thank you and we are excited to share our religious and cultural traditions with everyone!

Anand karaj Sikh Wedding Ceremony

Jan 6th:


The reception is our time to celebrate this new journey with dancing, conversations and tons of memories! Be ready to dance the night away with us!!




Sacramento International Airport

(2 5 min drive from Roseville)

San Fransisco International Airport

There’s an endless amount of hotels and restaurants available at all price points. We’ve listed some of our favorites in the area. Airbnbs may be a good option for bigger groups or families.

(1.5 hour drive from Sacramento)


  1. Is ride share accessible?
    1. Uber and Lyft both are very accessible in the area. If at any point you need transportation or help with travel please reach out to the families.
  2. What is mendhi made out of?
    1. It is a natural organic henna that is being used at the Mendhi event. It is made up of dried leaves.
  3. Do we have to get the couple a gift?
    1. We would just love your attendance in celebrating this new chapter in our lives. We are very excited to share this special week with you all! So please just bring us the gift of your presence and love!

4. Is there a cocktail party immediately after the wedding ceremony?

    1. We do not have a cocktail party after the wedding. However, lunch will be served. At the Gurudwara we will have breakfast and lunch provided. It will all be vegetarian and there will be no alcohol. Out of respect please do not drink before the wedding ceremony.

5. Are there any rules at the Gurudwara?

    1. There are no shoes worn in the ceremony area. There is a carpet to sit on. Usually, the process is to walk down the aisle, donate a dollar and bow down then find a spot to criss cross apple sauce on the floor. The reason for sitting on the ground is to be on lower ground than the Guru Granth Sahibji.

6. How long is the wedding ceremony?

    • The actual ceremony will last 45 mins. Before the ceremony we have a milni ceremony which is usually 15 mins followed by breakfast snacks. This leads us to the wedding ceremony and after the ceremony we have lunch + pictures with the guests which lasts an hour and half.